• 1996 GT U.S. National Olympic Team Kilo Bike
    1996 GT U.S. National Olympic Team Kilo Bike

    Build as a training bike for Project 96, speculation as to the builder, perhaps Yamaguchi built or maybe Frank the Welder during their time at the Longmont Colorado plant. Formerly owned by U.S. Natinonal Team member James Ansite. Details: True Temper Velo tubeset. Not a single normal tube on this frame except the toptube. Downtube, Seatube, and Seatstays are all aero tubing. Rear spacing is 120mm. 700C rear 650C front 8.5cm headtube 55cm center to center top tube 65cm center to top seattube

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  • 1953 Monark Holiday
    1953 Monark Holiday

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  • 1936 Durkopp: Killian and Vopel.
    1936 Durkopp: Killian and Vopel.

    " According to the Durkopp serial number chart this bike, serial #1575276 should date to late 1936.  On its head tube, sometimes difficult to see, it says "Type Killian and Vopel.  It was originally found in the Cleveland area.  The owner found it in the the garage of a newly purchased home. Truly a garage find in almost completely origianl condition.  The tires, dried out and no longer fitting, were soaked in water then put back on the rim with cloth tape to hold them on.  One on them actually still holds air.  An oiled rag still sits in the open front of the slider stem.  The bar tape is new.  The saddle frame is origianl but the saddle itself was disintegrating and a copy was made by Rudi Mayer of New Jersey.  He even put on the Eisenmann stamp that was on the original.  Parts are stameped either Durkopp or Eisenmann."   -Edward Albert www.thevintagebikelife.com

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