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About Harvest

Harvest Cyclery has been serving the community in Bushwick since 2012, when we opened originally on Bushwick Avenue.

We offer a wide variety of new and used bikes to help get you around the city safely, efficiently, and in style. Used commuter and track bikes start at just $299 and we have all of the accessories you need including Abus Locks, Giro Helmets, and lights from Knog among others.

Apart from our selection of bikes and accessories we offer a full range of service ranging from flat fixes, to full overhauls of your bike to get you ready for the new season.



1158 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn NY


We promise to respond within 24 hours

      Helpful and friendly with a quick fix of my flat.

    thumb Matthew T.

      I damaged my trusty bike of 10 years in an accident, and went to Harvest to see if it was salvageable.  Unfortunately, it wasn't, but I had the opportunity to start the grieving process there, trying on a few of their bikes.  They took the time for me to try a few models, and I never felt rushed.  Extremely friendly and chill, and I felt totally confident in purchasing a bike there.  That said, I have yet to, as I'm still trying to get over my old bike (or more realistically, getting my finances in order), but I would not hesitate to buy one from Harvest, and I'd probably go there for any repairs.

    Oh, and the cats are pretty great.

    thumb Kung C.

      Over a week ago I brought to Harvest my Schwinn Racer' 74 with not working internal-gear hub . As repairing this kind of old style gear could be complicated we agreed not to repair it. They suggested the easiest solution so installing new wheel so bike would be just single speed. I was ok with that as i didn't want to pay for repair more then i paid for bike ($70). I made myself clear at the beginning: I don't want anything over $70. We agreed on that and I was told that the bike will be ready "in one or two working days". The bike wasn't ready for next 10 (TEN) days. As my phonecalls gave zero result I came there yesterday - the bike was obv still not ready. But after my visit finally someone installed that wheel. And when I came for my bike I was told that it gonna cost...$90. I remind them that we've agreed that it not gonna cost more the $70. And I was waiting 10 days, not 2. Nobody was trying to get in touch with me during those ten days explaining that it will take longer and it'll be more expensive. Extremely rude owner was just expecting that I'll accept everything and pay. And was very surprised  that that i'm not happy, saying to me that "this is business". Well, it's far away from business.

    I don't get it. I just wanted to have my bike done, pay for it and go. Really nothing special. I really can understand that some delays or problems that could change the price. Just let your clients know about it, be in touch. Some misunderstanding? Fine, let's try to find a solution that works for both sides. But no, the owner of this place just chose to show that "he rules". Oh, and if you can't be nice, just try not to be rude. ...Ok I strongly suggest to keep away from this place - waist of time.

    thumb Eryk S.