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About Harvest

Harvest Cyclery has been serving the community in Bushwick since 2012, when we opened originally on Bushwick Avenue.

We offer a wide variety of new and used bikes to help get you around the city safely, efficiently, and in style. Used commuter and track bikes start at just $299 and we have all of the accessories you need including Abus Locks, Giro Helmets, and lights from Knog among others.

Apart from our selection of bikes and accessories we offer a full range of service ranging from flat fixes, to full overhauls of your bike to get you ready for the new season.



1158 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn NY


We promise to respond within 24 hours

      I really want to like these guys but I brought my bike by for service and as a result my helmet got stolen and that unfortunately tainted my experience.
    Originally I stopped by to have my back wheel checked out but they told me I really needed a tune up. I know I was due for one but I hadn't anticipated having to surrender my bike then and there. They persuaded me that my bike wasn't safe and that I should leave it overnight - oh but they didn't want me to leave my lock or helmet. I didn't have time to go home so I locked my helmet up on a nearby bike rack.
    When I returned the next day to retrieve my bike, my helmet was gone. It was an a beat up old helmet and not at all covetable but it worked for me. I told they staff and they said maybe it was a good thing. Seriously? It's never a good thing to have something stolen. Helmets are expensive. Maybe it's asking too much to hope for some compassion from bike dudes, maybe even a discount on a new helmet since they sell them and I now need a new one.
    Also when I came to pick up my bike it seemed to take a really long time to get an employee's attention, even though there was only one other customer. They did an alright job of tuning up my bike, but now that my helmet is gone I feel a lot less safe riding 🙁

    thumb Vanessa P.

      Got a full tune-up and replaced my tubing for one tire for $50 bucks. Gotta love the smooth sound of my bike now, it's like music to my ears.

    thumb Daeniel F.

      Great job on the tube-up! Good price, knowledgeable and friendly folks fixing bikes and being awesome!

    thumb Meg F.