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Multi Speed Commuters

Our Multi Speed Commuters make getting up and down the bridge no problem, and are great for longer distance rides.

Single Speed Commuters

Single Speed Commuters are a great, simple, and fun mode of transportation. Our Single Speed Commuters start at $299.

Track + Fixed Gear Bikes

High End Vintage Track Bikes, and Single Speed Bikes. Our stock is constantly changing.


for buying used bikes in general, Our bikes have been professionally test ridden and checked for mechanical problems

Spend at least a couple minutes inspecting the bike and take a long enough test ride to get a feel for the bike. You should ask the seller about anything you find wrong with the bike or are worried about. Sellers are not required to list every little flaw on the bike and may not even be aware of them. Much better to find out now than a week or month later.

Test Ride:
– Make sure the tires are filled.
– Does the bike fit well? Bring a wrench or ask the seller to adjust the seat.
– Ride. Listen / feel for bumpiness, rattling, grinding, squeaking and other noises. If you hear/feel anything, ask the seller what it is.
– Test each brake individually. Feather them to feel if they brake smoothly, and brake hard to test the stopping power.
– Shift through all gear combinations multiple times (if you don’t know how to shift, ask the seller before riding).
– Pedal hard, uphill if possible.
– Go fast, downhill if possible. Some issues may not be noticeable at slower speeds.
– Ride with no hands to see if the bike has a lean to one side.


Inspecting the bike:
– Visually inspect the bike for rust, damage, and cosmetic issues.
– Any dents in the frame reduce the value of the bike considerably. Do not buy or ride a cracked frame.
– Lift each end of the bike and spin the wheel to make sure they spin straight and hold their momentum.
– Check the tires for cracking and dry rotting on the side and wear on the top.

Useful questions:
– How long have you had the bike?
– Have you had any issues with it?
– Was it serviced? Any repairs?
– Do you ride over curbs?
– Was it stored outside?




What should I look for in a saddle? 

Comfort saddles are large and padded. Racing saddles are skinny and aerodynamic. The faster you want to go, the skinnier your seat will need to be to allow your legs to push straight down onto the pedals. Wide (comfort) saddles cause you to pedal slightly bowlegged, less efficiently and not fully extend your leg. Saddles are easily interchangeable; if you want to buy a bike from us but you don’t like the seat, we will swap almost any other saddle in the shop at no extra charge.

How high should my seat be?

When pedaling, your legs should reach an almost full extension for maximum efficiency – not a locked knee, but close. Similar to your stride as you walk. This usually means you can reach your tip toes to the floor while sitting on the saddle.

Some riders (especially beginners or those not used to riding in traffic) prefer a lower seat, sacrificing speed and power for the ability to put their feet more solidly on the ground.


Learn more to keep you safe on the streets.